It is prudent to invest a portion of your wealth into physical assets like gold and silver.

Many financial advisors recommend 5%-20% of your portfolio to be secured by physical gold, silver, platinum and palladium.

We offer bullion bars and coins. They can be delivered directly to you, stored in a private vault or placed into your IRA.


If you always wanted a Diversified Precious Metals Investment that is 100% bullion and held in your name then here is the answer...


The PMC Ounce!


A dynamic physical precious metal investment asset that provides the same diversified and weighted allocation of precious metals that comprise the PMC Index.

Fancy Color Diamonds

are available!

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"Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value - zero"      Voltaire (1694-1778)

PMC Ounce Closed Loop IRA CML 29 Fancy Color Diamonds


International: 00-1-310-365-3050


 Bonded For Your Protection

Why Gold Why Now

Precious metals ended last week on the ropes when gold failed to hold support in the mid-$1,180.00s as investors pushed U.S. equities to record highs.

Trading resumed Sunday with a steady tone as several headlines over the weekend regarding Greece’s ongoing issues were followed by a story that the Chinese Central Bank may increase their bond purchases to include those issued by local governments in an effort to further stimulate their economy. The result was broad based buying throughout Asia which was followed by good buying in Europe.

Keep a close eye on the market Wednesday afternoon as the FOMC meeting ends with a statement but no press conference with Chair Yellen.

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