It is prudent to invest a portion of your wealth into physical assets like gold and silver.

Many financial advisors recommend 5%-20% of your portfolio to be secured by physical gold, silver, platinum and palladium.

We offer bullion bars and coins. They can be delivered directly to you, stored in a private vault or placed into your IRA.


If you always wanted a Diversified Precious Metals Investment that is 100% bullion and held in your name then here is the answer...


The PMC Ounce!


A dynamic physical precious metal investment asset that provides the same diversified and weighted allocation of precious metals that comprise the PMC Index.

Fancy Color Diamonds

are available!

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Fancy Color Diamonds PMC Ounce Closed Loop IRA


International: 00-1-310-365-3050


 Bonded For Your Protection

Why Gold Why Now

Gold’s close on Wednesday turned the trend down in my opinion, but Thursday closed about unchanged. The rally that started last night may be beginning to fizzle this morning. I still look for lower prices.

Silver rallied sharply on Thursday after Wednesday’s freefall, but Thursday’s action was completely contained within Wednesday’s. This morning’s action is subdued. Lower prices expected, although a close above Wednesday’s high of 14.745 (December contract) would cause me to reconsider.

Platinum rallied Thursday, but I am not completely convinced that we are not working lower. If we close above Thursday’s high of 1009.10 (October), I will be calling for a test and penetration of the recent high of 1038.50.

After making new lows on Wednesday, Palladium rallied solidly higher. This market looks like it may be starting a correction to the upside. A further confirmation would be a close above Thursday’s high of 568.85 (December). However, with the momentum of the recent fall, this rally could easily falter.

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