For IRA information call 888-609-1130 has partnered and connected with Denver-based New Direction IRA electronically. Through this system can provide retirement-account solutions to customers who desire to leverage their IRAs to buy coins and store them in the Diamond State Depository or International Depository Services of Canada outside of Toronto, Canada.

Under Internal Revenue Service rules the coins that can be held in IRAs include American Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs, Austrian Philharmonics and Australian Kangaroos along with many other gold, silver, platinum and palladium coins and bars. has the capacity and technology needed to offer and operate The Closed Loop IRA. Many investors direct a portion of their net worth to precious metals, including coins, for a balanced portfolio. But many people think that that setting up an IRA, knowing when funds are available, and purchasing and storing the coins can be time consuming and confusing. The Closed Loop IRA is the solution.

The investor can initiate the process from The Closed Loop IRA webpage. This sets the stage for the self-directed IRA. Funds are sent to the IRA Administrator and then the customer is approved to purchase coins on the website. The coins are purchased and can be stored at Diamond State Depository in Delaware or International Depository Services . The investor are notified at each step in the process.

About New Direction IRA

New Direction IRA (NDIRA) is a provider of investor education and record keeping services for self-directed IRA and precious metals IRA holders. Since its inception in 2003, NDIRA has been at the forefront of the self-directed retirement investment market.

Through its technology, NDIRA enables precious metals investors to open accounts online, exchange metals, direct payments and review account activity online. NDIRA works with investors, dealers and depositories to generate technology that makes it easy to buy and sell precious metals with retirement account funds.

Headquartered in Louisville, Colorado, New Direction IRA administers more than $640M in assets on behalf of over 8,300 account holders. For more information on NDIRA, please visit

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