Color Diamonds

Color Diamonds

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Appreciate Your Investment While Your Investment Appreciates

According to Sotheby’s Diamonds, since record-keeping began in the 1970s, Fancy Color Diamonds have appreciated at about 10 to 15 percent per year. “Yellow diamonds have doubled in value every seven years,” he says. “Reds, blues and greens have seen the greatest appreciation, having quadrupled within the last decade.”

The Diamond Market is a resource provider of Fancy Color Diamonds and exquisite rarities. Our products consist of Diamond set Jewelry custom crafted from the rarest materials available. And all pieces are certified by GIA (The Gemological Institute of America). We source our materials for the build out and design of our products from all over the globe, Antwerp, Tel Aviv, and Hong Kong to name a few. We deliver all products direct to the consumer and do not hold or store any jewelry pieces on behalf of our agents or clients.

Worldwide demand for FCDs has been steadily increasing, especially over the last 5 years due to strong demand from China and India.  Auction houses attest to the popularity of fancy color diamonds and routinely offer FCDs to the public in hundreds of auctions throughout the year. FCDs are the rarest form of natural diamonds, found only in about 30 mines around the world.  Fancy Color Diamonds are so rare that only one in 10,000 diamonds posess a true fancy color. Call 1-888-609-1130 for more information.

Why purchase a Fancy Color Diamond?

 1. Appreciation

  • 100 year history of steady appreciation
  • Double-digit appreciation over the last 40 years according to Departures Magazine
  • Increasing demand and scarcity


2. Safety

  • Tangible assets can often offset disadvantages of paper assets
  • All color diamonds are certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA)
  • Track record of customer satisfaction


3. Liquidity

  • Client takes possession of diamond(s) and controls time of sale
  • Hundreds of auctions each year
  • Auction sales can be finalized in any standard currency
  • Less liquid than stocks or bonds, often more liquid than real estate


4. Portability

  • Transportable throughout the world
  • Most concentrated hard asset wealth


5. Privacy

  • Discreet purchases
  • Client information remains private and secure


6. Warranty

  • 7 day money-back satisfaction policy


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Rings and Necklaces are customized to your budget.

Acquisitions are in Tiers.


  1. 250k and up consists of Argyle pinks. Fancy, Intense, and Vivid, Blues, Green, Yellow, Reds, and Orange.

  2. 100k to $249,999= Selections consist of Fancy, Intense, and Vivid Green, Yellow, Orange and Pink.

  3. 20k to $99,999= Selections consist of Fancy, Intense, and Vivid Yellow, Champagne, and chocolate.


Some examples are below. Contact for custom designs.

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Blue Diamonds
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Red Diamonds
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Orange Diamonds
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Brown, Champagne, Cognac, Chocolate Diamonds
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