It is prudent to invest a portion of your wealth into physical assets like gold and silver.

Many financial advisors recommend 5%-20% of your portfolio to be secured by physical gold, silver, platinum and palladium.

We offer bullion bars and coins. They can be delivered directly to you, stored in a private vault or placed into your IRA.



SWP is a new purpose-built precious metals storage facility located in the Cayman Islands.

SWP is an approved storage facility for self-directed precious metal IRAs.


Don't Forget Your IRA?

If you are thinking about a change in your IRA - think about investing in physical gold and silver bullion. Protect your wealth! Click here for more information


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All Eyes On Washington D.C.

A government shutdown could boost the price of Gold.

Almost everyone in the world of equities is expecting a market correction. Could a government shutdown create the first major selloff in some time? The deadline is midnight tonight.

Regarding the possible shutdown, the Office of Management and Budget said, “Although the government would stop
paying federal workers, S&P predicts a shutdown would increase the deficit because of the added cost required to stop and start federal programs. The last three government shutdowns — two during President Bill Clinton’s administration and a third under President Barack Obama in 2013, cost the federal government $4.25 billion.

Just what this country needs, more money added to the country’s debt.

As we ever get closer to midnight tonight, no one expects a Cinderella ending to the budget bill. Yesterday the House passed their version of the bill, but left out the DACA proposal, something the House Democrats had demanded be part of the bill.

Now Onto Our Markets

Even though we are trading higher this morning, keeping gold from trading even higher is our Ten-Year Bond yield trading at a 2.62 percent, which is a three-year high. The Dollar Index this morning is in unchanged territory.

The CBOE VIX index is in an upward move sitting at over the 12 handle after making a new historical low just a week or two ago. This uptick might indicate some nervousness in the equity arena as some guests on the financial news networks predict a correction soon.

The price of Palladium is back over the $1,100 level after some nervous longs and some fund liquidation took the price of Palladium in the last few days below $1,100. Open interest dropped 1500 contracts in March in the last couple of days, and while that might not sound like a lot, one must remember that the Palladium futures contract is a relatively a small contract compared to Gold and Silver futures contracts.

Overnight, Gold ETFs increased by over 385,000 ounces, an increase we haven’t witnessed in some time.


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